News & Updates

News from NMC’s Auxiliary and Volunteer Team

On April 20th the Auxiliary held its business year end meeting at the Elk’s Club in St. Albans from 4-7 PM.

The membership had not gathered in person since the fall of 2019 due to the pandemic. This was our first in-person membership meeting since that time.

The Auxiliary board remained in tacked during the pandemic and provided support, leadership and direction for its members until such time as they could join together again in person. We were glad that Jonathan Billings could join us as our guest speaker to talk about how NMC is doing. Jonathan talked about the long standing positive relationship between the Auxiliary and the Hospital and thanked all its members for their continued support. We held our election of officers at the meeting and they are Maris Rock (President), Vice President (remains vacant), Recording Secretary (Pat King), Treasurer (Linda Rowden) and Corresponding Secretary (Danielle LeBel). The newly elected Auxiliary Board members also happen to be active Volunteers in the hospital whom you might know.

The meal and meeting were enjoyed by 50 of its 217 members and was a great success. We give thanks to Bobbi Salls and her team for the delicious meal they prepared for this special meeting. The Auxiliary Board resumes its regular business in August and will host its first in person membership meeting in September at the Hospital in the conference center.

These meetings happen four times a year in September/November/February /April and are 90 minutes. There is a special guest speaker, a meal provided by our Restaurant and Catering team and the Auxiliary Board shares the work they are doing on behalf of NMC to support fundraising and positive community relations.

The Auxiliary looks forward to resuming a normal business year in August to continue its mission to host fundraising initiatives to support NMC and promote positive community relations at the hospital.


On May 24 the Volunteer Program celebrated its Annual Volunteer Recognition Event at the American Legion from 4-6 PM.

We celebrated the achievements of each volunteer by recognizing them with the hours that they contributed this past year of 2022 and their overall collective accomplishments of the past year(s) that contributed to NMC. Our guest speakers were Peter Wright (CEO) , Jonathan Billings (COO), Stephanie Breault (CFO), Ryan Hamel (CPO), Dawn Kregal (CNO) and John Minadeo (CMQO). The leaders in attendance were, Denise Smith, David Blin, Kate Laddison, Erica Finnegan, Karen Staniels, JoAnn Manahan, and Megan Smith. Barb Toof represented the Hospital Board. The total number of hours that Volunteers supported NMC during 2022 was 13,406 with 75 Volunteers. The program that is included in this article shares the details of the total number of hours each active Volunteer has contributed to the hospital since they started. We have a great group/team of Volunteers who enjoy being involved in the day-to-day operations of NMC and this special celebration we host in their honor recognizes all of their contributions that help make our hospital a welcoming and kind place to receive care.

If you have any questions about your Auxiliary or Volunteers who support NMC please contact Katherine Winchester, Manager of Volunteer Services/Auxiliary Liaison