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Dr. Carol Joins Northwestern Occupational Health

Dr. Susan Carol recently joined the team at Northwestern Occupational Health as the Medical Director, bringing extensive experience in both Occupational and Emergency Medicine, being board certified in both specialties. Dr. Carol earned her MD at St. Louis University Medical School in St. Louis, Missouri and

Dr. Susan Carol

Dr. Susan Carol

most recently practiced occupational medicine for 14 years in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is excited about working with the team at Northwestern Occupational Health (NOH) integrate with other NMC services to enhance offerings to the business community as they care for their employees through prevention and treatment of injuries.

Dr. Carol is joined by her husband and her son who is attending college in Vermont. She enjoys outdoor activities like skiing, hiking and kayaking as well as painting.

To learn more about Northwestern Occupational Health or speak to Dr. Carol, call 802-524-1223.