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Spike In COVID Cases Locally Impacting Testing Access

The current spike in cases of COVID-19 in our area has significantly increased demand for testing. This has reduced the availability of open appointments. NMC’s Curbside Testing service is operating near capacity, even after expanding hours, and is now routinely testing more than 100 people per day. We want you to be aware that such spikes in volumes can impact the availability of same day and next day testing and can slow the distribution of results. NMC will continue to strive to provide timely access to testing services and we are joined in this by NOTCH with their testing locations.

With this spike in cases, the importance of prevention remains paramount. Proper handwashing, hand sanitizing, social distancing, and strict adherence to guidelines around gatherings with family, friends, or others is crucial. Vaccination efforts continue to move forward and we strongly urge you to receive the vaccine as soon as you are eligible.