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Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering Opportunities

At NMC in St. Albans, Vermont, we are fortunate to have approximately 150 volunteers who share their time and talents with us to enhance the patient experience at our hospital. Our volunteers can be found throughout our organization providing a variety of functions, based on their individual skills and talents. Our volunteers are truly an important part of our hospital family - we hope you'll read more about volunteering at NMC, and will inquire about sharing your skills with us!

Anyone over the age of 14 who is capable of filling the assignment description can volunteer. Below are some ways our volunteers keep the hospital running:

Apply to Volunteer:

Although not limited to the following list, most opportunities fall into these categories:

Patient Registration Volunteers:

Volunteers staff a desk in our patient registration area to help direct patients through the process.

Pastoral Care Volunteers:

People interested in a little more specialized contact with patients have the option of becoming Pastoral Care Volunteers. These volunteers undergo special training to learn to help meet the spiritual needs of patients at NMC.

Information Desk:

Volunteers are stationed near the front entrance of the building to help patients and visitors figure out where they're going. Coming to the hospital can be a confusing time for people, and they often just need a friendly helper to help them find their way.


Couriers help ensure that important items are delivered from one clinical department to another in a timely manner. For the person who likes to keep moving, this is an excellent opportunity.

Gift Gallery:

Volunteers staff our Gift Gallery, selling gift items and fresh flowers to visitors and staff.

Surgical Services Volunteers:

Volunteers in Surgical Services greet patients and help them through the pre-surgery process.

Meals on Wheels Volunteers:

NMC prepares meals for the St. Albans Meals on Wheels program, and volunteers help assemble bags of cold food items for home delivery.

Cobblestone Volunteers:

Our newest building houses some NMC departments, as well as doctor's offices. Volunteers stationed in the lobby help direct people to the appropriate areas.

Clerical Positions:

Sometimes hospital departments need help with filing, labeling, data entry, and other clerical duties. Volunteers have opportunities for on-going and as-needed clerical positions.

Courtyard Café Volunteers:

Our volunteers sell coffee and pastries to visitors and staff during morning & afternoon hours from the hospital cafeteria.

Enosburg PT Clinic:

Volunteers greet patients and provide a pair of helping hands to staff.