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NMC Concierge Program Featured in Healthcare Magazine

Congratulations to our Concierge Program for being recognized in the May 2017 edition of Healthcare Business Insights! This new program has truly helped to improve patient satisfaction throughout NMC. “Concierge Services was naturally the next step for NMC to be progressive and on the forefront of customer services” says Lisa Bovat, Director of Hospitality at NMC. “The program was brought on for that exact reason- that we take care of the patients medically, but there is so much more that can be offered for them to feel comfortable in the environment and heal quickly.” The concierges here at NMC are active community members and their commitment to the hospital has been greatly appreciated by fellow staff members and patients. Check out the full article on NMC’s Concierge Program to find out more on how these concierges are helping NMC and our community as a whole!