Stormy Weather, Healthy Baby Boy

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Megan and her husband Avery nicknamed their baby boy “Stormy,” because he arrived in the middle of a two-foot snowstorm in March of 2017. The Stanleys operate a plowing and lawn care business, and chose NMC as their hospital because it was close to their home in rural Montgomery. They drove down to St. Albans the night before, since the weather was predicted to make travel hazardous.

Megan calls NMC a great place to give birth, saying, “They take the time to understand what you want.” She praised the medical staff and floor nurses as being like family, keeping her comfortable and being proactive about her needs after Cayden was born. Megan is expecting their second child in May. After all the late snow again this winter, she’s looking forward to better weather for the next baby. And they will be returning to NMC. “I’ll be back here – that’s the plan.”



Did You Know?

NMC serves many women with high-risk pregnancies…
We are staffed and equipped to handle complicated deliveries as well as premature births. In the rare case of a birthing mother with an unusual risk, we have a close relationship with the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the University of Vermont Medical Center.