Welcome to Primary Care

On May 2, 2022 the Northern Tier Center for Health partnered with Northwestern Medical Center to take on NMC’s two primary care practices – Georgia Health Center and Northwestern Primary Care (NPC). These two practices are now part of the NOTCH family of healthcare. 

Quality health services are a priority for NMG and for NOTCH.  With the best interests of our community in mind, leadership from both organizations worked hard to examine and reduce service overlap for more efficient delivery.  NOTCH is a Federally Qualified Health Center that provides high quality primary care services at multiple sites across the region (medical, dental, behavioral, and pharmacy).  Transitioning the two family medicine practices to NOTCH allows Northwestern Medical Center and NMG to focus resources on high quality acute hospital care, emergency care, and specialty care.

“NOTCH is a proven, trusted community presence. They have a long history of excellence in primary care and a strong partnership with the hospital,” said NMC CEO Dr. Dean French. “We are grateful for their commitment to the community and passion for making this transition a smooth one.”

NOTCH Executive Director Pamela Parsons added the following statement in response, “NMC is an essential partner that assures our community has access to necessary health services that complement NOTCH’s work in primary care.  We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the hospital to maintain, expand, and improve local health services.  We need each other to achieve optimum patient outcomes.”

Both practices remain in their current locations, with an updated name for NPC which is now NOTCH Primary Care. 

Click here to visit the NOTCH website with listings for all the NOTCH medical offices, dental clinics and pharmacies strategically spread across northwestern Vermont. 


Georgia Health Center

Located on the Georgia/Fairfax line at

4178 Highbridge Road

Fairfax,Vermont 05454

(802) 524-8805

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NOTCH Primary Care

12 Crest Road

St. Albans, VT 05478

(802) 524-8805

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Right Care. Right Place.

Needing care when Primary Care is not open? Visiting from out of town? Our Urgent Care is available when you require healthcare attention and your symptoms are not life threatening. Our Urgent Cares are ready and capable of handling non-life threatening ailments such as colds & flus, fractures, cuts that require stitches, ear infections and more. Northwestern Urgent Care is open 7 days a week, offers walk-in visits, shows wait times online, and allows you to do the waiting at home.

Don’t forget to consider the cost advantages of Urgent Care vs. The Emergency Department. Urgent Cares are designed to reduce costs and provide savings for both the patient and the hospital. We believe receiving the right care in the right place can help save you both time and money, and lead to a healthier community.