Introducing a New Back Procedure

NMC is pleased to be able to offer new help for some sufferers of low back pain: a minimally invasive procedure to fuse the sacroiliac (SI) joint. 

The sacroiliac joint sits between the sacrum and the ilium bones of the pelvis, and transmits all the forces of the upper body to the hips and legs. Degeneration or injury to the joint can cause pain in the lower back, buttocks and legs. Symptoms can be very similar to sciatica. Sufferers of SI joint issues find movements like standing up, sitting down, stepping up or down, sleeping and rolling over in bed very painful.


SI Joint Issues


Diagnosing an SI joint issue can be difficult as providers must methodically rule out a host of other potential issues, says orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Michael Barnum of Northwestern Orthopaedics, who is experienced in back issues and who performs minimally invasive SI joint fusions. But identifying this issue and treating it with the minimally invasive fusion procedure can get patients back in action in as few as three weeks, he said.

Patients who have had lumbar fusions may have low back pain caused by the stress placed on the SI joint, and a fusion may relieve their pain and restore their mobility. 

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