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Quit tobacco

Quitting tobacco is an undeniably tough process. Withdrawals, cravings, swapping bad habits for healthier alternatives—it’s difficult to resist “just one more time.” But, it’s worth it. The benefits to removing tobacco from your life are many, for you and the ones you love. You CAN do it!  Reaching out for help with coaching and medications makes it more likely to quit for good.

Reasons to quit:

Improving your health. Quitting reduces the risk of contracting a variety of diseases, helps you feel better, and gives you more energy to engage in other healthy habits like exercise.

Improve your family’s health. Secondhand smoke is unhealthy for everyone, including children, and increases the risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and lung cancer.

Protect your baby’s health during pregnancy. Your baby’s health is dependent upon you and there are many benefits to not smoking during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. 

Because of illness or injury. If you are diagnosed with an illness or injury, quitting tobacco will improve your ability to address and manage its symptoms. Smoking interferes with and delays healing.

Honor a lost loved one. Stopping tobacco use in response to the loss or illness of a loved one from smoking is a powerful testament to their life and influence of yours.

Save money. Quitting tobacco products has a direct financial benefit as you no longer will be spending money on cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff or vaping supplies. That’s money that stays right in your pocket!


We want to help you get tobacco out of your life and have partnered with 802Quits to make it easier for you to quit. 802Quits is Vermont’s resource for quitting smoking and other tobacco, offering free, personalized help, including: 

  • Nicotine replacement therapy
  • Education and advice on other medications or alternative options
  • In-person, group, phone, and on-line support
  • Ongoing support after you’ve quit, including virtual tobacco cessation groups that help you quit from the comfort of your home.

Cessation Classes

If you are looking for local classes to help support your quit journey, visit the My Healthy Vermont website for upcoming workshops.




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Wherever you are on your path to quitting, find help at 802quits.org.