Ashlea Dosanjh, Au.DAudiology

Prior to joining NMC in 2020, Ashlea worked clinical rotations in private practice, two ENT offices, a hospital as well as abroad in outreach facilities in Malawi. She is passionate about evidence-based practice and patient-centered care, having entered the field of audiology after discovering an interest in human connections and maintaining the vital links in relationships, the ability to communicate.

Ashlea is well-versed in all the major hearing aid brands, and is ready to help patients with any hearing-related challenge they may face. She has first-hand experience in the field, having a hearing loss of her own, allowing her to relate to the challenges facing those with a hearing loss.

In her free time, she enjoys her two dogs, spending time outdoors, visiting farmers markets, antique sales and playing soccer.

Medical Education:

Doctor of Audiology: Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

Post Graduate Training:

Clinical Rotation: Nevada Ear and Sinus Institute, Las Vegas, NV