Welcome to The NMC Patient Portal

For your convenience and continuity of care, we have made patient health information available to each individual. Our Patient Portal is a secure way to share health records, communicate with healthcare providers, view medication history and more. Based on where you received your services enter either the Hospital Portal or the Physician Office Portal.


Hospital Services

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Inpatient Care

Diagnostic Imaging

Laboratory Services

Urgent Care*


NOTE: Although Urgent Care is typically considered an outpatient service, access to electronic records for Urgent Care moved to the Hospital Portal in April 2018. 

Physician Office Services

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Associates in Surgery


Comprehensive Pain







Primary Care



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Need Patient Portal Assistance?

Who do I contact for help logging in?

For helping logging in to either portal call Health Information at (802) 524-1060, they are able to support you with the log-in process. In order for Health Information to help you successfully, please have all the required log-in / enrollment information.  


What do I need to create a Hospital Portal account?

To access the Hospital Portal you must first enroll and set up a secure account, to do this you will need the email address you provided during your hospital visit and your medical record number. If you are unsure of your medical record number please call Health Information Management (HIM) at (802) 524-1060.  


What do I need to create a Physician Office account?

To access the Physician Office Portal you will use the username and password, provided by your physician’s office. If you are unsure of your username or password, please contact your physicians office. 


How do I access my medical record number?

By calling Health Information Management (HIM) at (802) 524-1060 you will be given your medical record number.  


What is my user name and password for the Physician Office Portal?

Your username and password (for the Physician Office Portal only) is held by your physician’s office. Call the physician’s office if you are a patient at one of the following clinics; Northwestern Associates in Surgery,Northwestern Cardiology, Comprehensive Pain, OB/GYN, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Primary Care or Urgent Care.  


What is a Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal is secure online access to portions of your personal health records. Helping you to better manage your health information, we give you access to up-to-date health records, medication history, upcoming appointments, discharge instructions, billing information and more.  


Is the Patient Portal secure?

Yes, when you log in you enter a secure site that is designed for the transfer of medical information.


Who can use the Patient Portals?

NMC’s portals are available for all adults aged 18 and older, as well as the authorized representatives of children from birth to age 12.  


Why did NMC create a Patient Portal?

By bringing a Patient Portal to NMC we are increasing continuity of care with our patients, while also providing them ease and convenience. We feel if we give patients the tools to better manage their health information online, from home, work or out of town, we are taking that extra step to keep them healthy and happy.


What does the Patient Portal allow me to do?

The Physician Office Portal will allow you to:

  • Communicate with your physicians and advance practice providers
  • View your office appointments
  • View a list of your medications
  • View the lab results ordered by your physician office
  • Update contact information and your medical history
  • Access a health record summary
  • And more

The Hospital Portal will allow you to:

  • View appointments with Northwestern Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy, Diagnostic Imaging, Respiratory Therapy, and Diabetes and Nutrition Services
  • View the medication list you were sent home with following your hospital stay
  • View upcoming surgery dates
  • View lab results, X-rays and other diagnostic reports
  • View physician and advanced practice provider documentation such as a discharge summary
  • Update contact information
  • Access a health record summary
  • View billing information
  • And more