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Paying your Bill

Paying Your Bill Overview

NMC recognizes that health care billing can be complex. We work closely with our patients to help them navigate the various systems involved. We even offer financial assistance for those in need.

Things That You Should Know

  • There are separate billing departments within NMC; Patient Financial Services and Physician Account Services. For this reason, you will see two separate "Pay Your Bill" options in the navigation on the right-- one to pay your hospital bill and one to pay your physician bill.
  • If you are having Diagnostic Imaging testing, you will receive two bills. One from the hospital for your test and a separate bill from the radiologist for interpretation of your test. These are two separate accounts. The hospital does not bill for the radiologists. Payments for their services should be sent to their billing service.
  • Billing for Rehab Services (physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac rehab, speech therapy) is done on a monthly basis. We will bill your insurance and you will receive a copy of that bill. You will not receive a final balance due statement until you have been discharged from Rehab Services.

NMC works to obtain accurate information required to bill your insurance company. This results in timely processing and payment of your bill. You are responsible to provide the hospital with the necessary information to obtain our goal of timely and accurate claim filing.

For this reason we ask that you:

  • Bring in your insurance card every time you come to the hospital. Each visit has a new account number and requires your insurance information. If you do not have your card with you, please phone in the information as soon as you can. We can only bill your insurance if you provide us with up-to-date information. Some insurance companies have timely filing limits. If you wait months before giving us information, your insurance may not pay the claim.
  • Inform us if information about you has changed since your last visit, such as address or phone number. Incorrect information can lead to claims being denied by your insurance.

Know Your Insurance Policy:

There are many reasons for claim processing delays thru your insurance carrier. Please keep in mind that it could take months before you receive a statement from NMC showing the deductible or copay that you are responsible to pay.

If you do not have insurance, a collections representative will work with you to settle your account. There are options available. To talk to someone about these options please call (802) 524-1065.

  • Some insurances require preauthorization before they will pay for certain tests and surgical procedures. Please make sure that your physician has contacted your insurance company to obtain this prior to having services. Failure to do so can result in claim denial or reduced payments.
  • Some insurances require referrals before they will pay for services performed at the hospital. These referrals are usually done by your primary care physician. If you have such a plan, please make sure that your primary care physician has done your referral. Failure to do so, can result in claim denial.
  • If you receive a questionnaire from your insurance company, please fill it out as requested. Failure to do so may result in claim denial from your insurance company.

*** Failure to comply with any of these Insurance requirements may mean an additional self-pay balance for you.

  • If your insurance card has a copay amount listed, we will request that copay during the registration process.
  • We will post payments from insurance companies as we receive them. If we bill you for a deductible or copay, it is because the insurance company has processed your claim showing these amounts as your responsibility. If you have a problem with the deductible or copay, please contact your insurance company directly.