Northwestern Medical Center believes in teamwork. We want our patients and their families to be part of our team by creating a healthy and healing environment. We are here every step of the way, don’t hesitate to call.

Condition help program

Our Condition Help Program serves as an additional safety net for patients and the family. You or your family members can call a designated phone number to alert a clinical manager about your care. The clinical manager will listen to your concerns and will make sure the correct person attends to your needs.

Call (802) 524-8999 from any phone if you have concerns about your care.  

When do I call?

  • If you or your family see a noticeable change in your medical condition
  • If your health care team has not been available to address your concerns
  • If there is a breakdown in how your care is being given
  • If there is a breakdown in what needs to be done for you