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About Us


Northwestern Medical Center is a vibrant, not-for-profit, primary care hospital nestled at the top of Fairfield Street in St. Albans, Vermont.  Our size brings a family feel to our modern facility, and we pride ourselves on bringing a broad range of high-tech medical equipment  & services to our region.  Thanks to that balance and the incredible care provided by our staff, we have earned national Avatar awards in five consecutive years for overall patient satisfaction!  Thank you for your interest in knowing more about our organization.

A Patient's Perspective:

“I have spent time in hospitals all over the eastern half of our country, and never have I had a better experience than at Northwestern Medical Center! The doctors, nurses, therapists, food service, concierge, all the staff and volunteers were polite, kind, and genuinely caring. The smaller size of our hospital provides for a personal level of care that I have experienced nowhere else! I would recommend our hospital to anyone! Northwestern Medical Center is the best!”

– patient quote

A History Of Caring For Our Community:

Our history dates back to the original St. Albans Hospital, established in 1883.  For more than 125 years, we have been an integral part of life in northwestern Vermont – and look forward to maintaining that role for years to come.  NMC now cares for approximately 1,900 inpatients each year.  Our Emergency Department sees over 28,000 emergency patients a year and our new Walk-In Clinic in Georgia is seeing approximately 7,000 patients a year. Our Family Birth Center welcomes approximately 400 babies each year. We conduct over 6,000 surgical and outpatient procedures each year, along with more than 300,000 lab tests and 50,000 diagnostic imaging exams. In total, more than $129 million of patient care is provided at NMC each year, for which we are reimbursed at only 57¢ on the dollar.

An Emphasis On Quality:

Our mission is to provide exceptional care for our community.  Our dedication to quality is the foundation of the “exceptional” nature of the care we provide.  We consistently rank at or near 100% on the national core measures of clinical quality.    Our rate of infection following surgery is consistently less than 1%, while the national average is at 2.6%.  In addition, the NMC staff has won five consecutive national Avatar awards for both “Overall Patient Satisfaction” and for “Exceeding Patient Expectations.”

An Emphasis on Efficiency & Cost Containment:

Throughout our growth and improvements, NMC has kept a watchful eye on efficiency.  NMC’s charges to our patients consistently rank below the Vermont average, based on comparative information published by BISHCA (Vermont’s Banking, Insurance, Securities, and Health Care Administration).  For Fiscal Year 2011, NMC requested a 1.75% rate increase – the smallest in all of Vermont. 

A Major Employer In Our Community:

NMC employs approximately 600 people through the hospital itself and the Northwestern Occupational Health subsidiary.  In terms of salary and benefits alone, NMC provides nearly $38 million to the regional economy. We are fortunate to be joined in our work by over 150 active volunteers who donate approximately 18,000 hours each year and more than 75 Active & Associate medical staff members.

To Learn More About Us:

If you have questions about NMC’s services, please call our Community Services office at (802) 524-1280.