NMC Commentary

What Is The Importance of the NMC Incorporators?

NMC’s Board of Incorporators are an important and direct link between Northwestern Medical Center and our community. By electing our Board of Directors, approving any changes to the NMC bylaws, the Incorporators have strong influence on the operation and future of the hospital. In addition, the Incorporators help NMC stay deeply rooted in our community by serving as a sounding board for future plans, a think tank for possibilities, additional eyes and ears in the community to identify needs, and advocates for local healthcare. Our staff takes great pride in being a “community hospital” and caring for “our” community. I am grateful to have Incorporators drawn from all across our community who feel the same way about us, caring deeply about NMC as “their” hospital.

The NMC Incorporators is a group of up to 150 local residents from throughout northwestern Vermont. They are volunteers who come from different towns, different professions, and different generations – and they share a commitment to the future of healthcare in our community. They meet twice a year, in May and November, with the election of Board members typically happening at the November meeting. Their meetings typically feature educational presentations relating to healthcare; operational updates from NMC’s Board, Leadership, Medical Staff, and Auxiliary; and discussions of timely topics.

Their formal impact is real. Through the collective wisdom of the Incorporators, NMC has been very fortunate to have a long history of skilled and committed Board members. The leadership the individuals elected to the NMC Board by the Incorporators have provided has helped guide our organization through turbulent times and kept us deeply rooted in meeting the changing needs of our community. The Nominating Committee of the Incorporators puts great thought and effort into selecting the right people to serve on the NMC Board. They look at the backgrounds and skills of the existing Board members and consider who might be the best complements to maintain the broad strength of our Board. Similarly, the maintenance of relevant and appropriate bylaws is an important function. The bylaws provide the governance structure that helps keep the organization on course.  The Bylaws Committee of the Incorporators talks through what changes might be needed in this document to help NMC continue to advance in an every-changing healthcare environment.

Their impact as interested community members is also very real. We value the opportunity to provide updates on current efforts and future challenges to this wide-ranging group from all across our service area. It helps to hear their feedback, as it often includes questions that make us think even more deeply about particular aspects of a topic, encouragement to keep pursuing specific directions, and new thoughts or opportunities to explore. The support of our community for local healthcare and the appreciation for NMC’s front line nurses, physicians, caregivers, and support staff is evident at each Incorporators’ meeting. That support is appreciated and helps fuel our continued efforts to provide exceptional care for our community. At the same time, the Incorporators also help with feedback on what could be even better and we deeply appreciate their insights as those are equally helpful in our journey.

Are you interested in local healthcare and how we can achieve a healthier future in our community? If so, would you be interested in becoming an NMC Incorporator? We do have some openings on the Incorporators that we are working to fill.  If you would be interested in being considered for one of the openings, there is more information and an application on our website at https://www.northwesternmedicalcenter.org/about-nmc/governance/incorporators/ We would also be happy to talk to you about service on the Incorporators in more detail. To learn more, please call Jonathan Billings in our Community Relations office at 524-1044. NMC is truly a community hospital and we appreciate the role of our Incorporators in maintaining our close connection to the people we serve.

— Jill Berry Bowen, NMC’s Chief Executive Officer