NMC Commentary

What is Northwestern Partners in Hope and Recovery?

NMC’s addiction services practice has emerged with a new identity – Northwestern Partners in Hope in Recovery. The evolution of what was often referred to as “the pain clinic” and the change in their focus has followed a long and thoughtful process involving the hard work of many in our organization. The road to a new identity included the dedication of Primary Care as we transitioned patients with chronic pain back to their Primary Care Providers, in alignment with best practice, to allow Partners in Hope and Recovery to focus on the important work of addiction recovery.

Our Community Health Needs Assessment identifies mental health and substance abuse as the top two health priorities facing Franklin and Grand Isle. This puts the work of Northwestern Partners in Hope and Recovery at the very top of our strategic work list – and the timing is right to re-brand this clinic and shine a light on their progress.

The new identity is such a meaningful change and the new name came directly from the input of staff and patients of the clinic. It is important that we offer a sense of hope to people struggling with addiction, and that we offer hope to our community that change is possible and recovery is real. The initial communications for the newly renamed clinic focus on the concept of transformation, which alludes to the inclusion of a butterfly in the logo for Northwestern Partners in Hope and Recovery.

Transformation is a challenging process, but the end result is truly beautiful. I have been so impressed with the work of Medical Director Dr. Suzan White, Michelle Kearney, PA and Susan Brodeur, PA – they have created an environment where patients feel safe, engaged, challenged and productive. The Medication-Assisted Treatment team of care coordinators and service navigators are nothing short of amazing, often providing uniquely individualized help to patients that goes above and beyond.

I am thrilled that we will be highlighting this care in upcoming communications to let our entire community know about the clinic’s new name, and more importantly, about the work that goes on and the success stories they can share.

Please join me in celebrating the new identity and share word of the transformation with those you know in the community. I want to thank everyone at Northwestern Partners in Hope and Recovery for tackling a tough area of health and wellness with such spirit and enthusiasm.

— Jill Berry Bowen, RN, NMC’s Chief Executive Officer