NMC Commentary

Which NMC Entrance Do I Use for X-Ray?

This is a very specific question which opens the door to many related updates about the recent moves on NMC’s campus and how patients can best access the care and service they seek.  It is my pleasure to share information with you as we all become accustomed to the remarkable new space on the NMC campus.

For patient convenience and efficiency, x-ray services are now located in the main hospital facility, the new Medical Office Building, and the Georgia office of Northwestern Urgent Care.  Patients who have a referral for an x-ray continue to use NMC’s main entrance, located at the top of NMC’s main driveway.  Registration for x-ray services is now located on the right, just inside our Main Lobby.  This is also true for patients with referrals for other diagnostic imaging testing, including: MRI, CT-Scan, Ultrasound, and Mammography.

Other patients may receive an x-ray as part of their visit to the practices located in NMC’s new Medical Office Building, including the Northwestern Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Center, Northwestern Primary Care, and Northwestern Urgent Care. For efficiency and convenience, NMC has embedded an x-ray suite within that new space so patients do not have to go into the hospital itself for the imaging they need.  Similarly, patients seen at the Georgia office of Northwestern Urgent Care (located on Route 7, just south of Exit 18 on Interstate 89) are able to have their x-rays taken at that location.

NMC’s new parking lots at the front of campus are now open, paved, and welcoming patients and visitors and serving both the Main Entrance and the Medical Office Building.  The lots include ample designated handicapped spaces for patients and the entrances can be accessed by ramps in addition to stairs.  Patients and visitors who park in those front lots and approach the entrances on foot may find it much more comfortable in inclement weather to enter the facility through the Medical Office Building and use the glass connecting corridor which links that building to Medical Specialty Clinics addition and the Main Lobby of the hospital itself.  This is such a pretty walk, with some wonderful donor recognition artwork celebrating the generosity of our community that helped make these new spaces possible.

We are also very fortunate that the Veterans’ Sponsored Valet is providing both valet parking and shuttle service on our campus, with the valet station located at NMC’s main entrance.  The comments we have received from individuals who have been assisted by the Veterans’ Sponsored Valets has been so positive, warm, and heartfelt.  Please do not hesitate to make use of the free shuttle as it rounds on campus or the free valet parking. Use of these offerings has grown steadily since they were established and as our weather turns towards winter, we hope to serve even more of our patients and visitors. This is an incredible service to our community by a group of citizens who have already given much in service to our country.  We deeply appreciate the service they are providing to our patients and visitors.

In case any of this is confusing upon arrival, we are fortunate to have teams of wonderful and dependable volunteers at both the NMC Main Entrance and at the entrance of the new Medical Office Building who are actively greeting our patients and visitors, answering any questions they may have, and helping them find their way.  Their efforts are appreciated extensions of the work of our staff and are vital pieces of our commitment to providing exceptional care.

It has been so encouraging to hear the positive feedback on the new spaces on the NMC campus.    We appreciate your patience with the process of becoming familiar with the new layout!

— Jill Berry Bowen, NMC’s Chief Executive Officer