NMC Commentary

Is All Access to NMC’s Main Campus Now via Fairfield Street?

Yes.  Now that our major construction project is complete, all access to NMC’s main campus in St. Albans is once again via Fairfield Street.  Our main driveway on Fairfield Street provides direct access to the hospital’s main entrance and serves as the most direct route to the NMC Emergency Department.  Just up the hill to the east, the Crest Road entrance from Fairfield Street provides easy access to the new Medical Office Building, Doctors Office Common, and Cobblestone Health Commons. Given safety concerns relating to pedestrians and vehicle traffic in the parking lots, cars should not be cutting through the Northwestern Counseling & Support Services entrance and the parking lots to reach NMC, Cobblestone Health Commons, or Doctors Office Commons or to exit NMC’s campus via Fisher Pond Road.

Earlier this week, I was walking to the ribbon cutting celebrating the opening of our new Ear, Nose, & Throat practice featuring Dr. Kahren Aydinyan, M.D., and Audiologist Stephanie Maloney, Ph.D.  On the way, I encountered a patient at NMC’s conference center entrance who was here for laboratory services which are now in the Medical Office Building at the front of campus.  As I guided the patient to the services, I thought how helpful a reminder of what entrances are most convenient for what services would be.

Our main entrance from the main driveway is the most convenient access point for those coming in for services in the hospital building itself.  These include patients coming for surgery or diagnostic imaging testing and visitors to our inpatient Progressive Care Unit and Family Birth Center.  The main entrance is a convenient access point for the Northwestern Cardiology and Pulmonology as well as for our women’s services, Northwestern Obstetrics and Gynecology.  The main entrance also serves the NMC Auxiliary Gift Gallery, the Chapel, and our Courtyard Café.  The main entrance shares ample front-of-campus parking with the entrance to our new Medical Office Building.  Handicap-accessible parking is available at the main entrance and in the closest row of the front parking.  Free valet parking is available at the main entrance and we have a roving shuttle providing free rides to and from entrances across campus. Volunteers are available at both the shuttle station and at the greeters’ desk to welcome you to NMC and help you get where you are going and patient registration is on the right hand side of the main lobby, as is a counselor from Patient Financial Services.

The entrance to the Medical Office Building is accessible by car from both the main driveway and Crest Road.  This entrance is also served by our helpful volunteers and also features patient registration in the lobby.  This entrance provides convenient access to Northwestern Primary Care, Northwestern Urgent Care, and Northwestern Orthopaedics. This is also the most convenient entrance for patients having their blood drawn by NMC’s outpatient laboratory service. We have also stationed a representative from NMC Health Information Management just off the lobby of this building, who can help you access your medical records either online through our patient portals or in person.

Vehicles traveling to the NMC Emergency Department should use the hospital’s main driveway from Fairfield Street and proceed as clearly marked around to the left from the main entrance. Individuals coming to meetings in the NMC Conference Center should use its entrance located on the Crest Road loop around the hospital just past the Medical Office Building and the hospital’s loading dock.  Drivers on the Crest Road loop should remember that this loop road now features two-way traffic around the hospital. As I mentioned earlier, drivers should also avoid cutting through the parking lots to reach Fisher Pond Road.  For safety reasons, drivers should access Fisher Pond Road by going out of campus on Fairfield Street and using the traffic light just up the hill at the Valley Cross Roads Intersection.

This is such a vibrant and dynamic campus and locations change as our team strives for greater synergies and efficiencies to advance the provision of exceptional care. Please, if you have any questions about the location of services or which entrance is most convenient, please ask any of our staff or volunteers.  You can also call or our Community Relations team at 524-1280 or view a campus map on our website at www.northwesternmedicalcenter.org  Thank you for entrusting your care to us and for your continued support of local healthcare.