NMC Commentary

Does NMC’s New Unified Electronic Health Record Have an App for you?

Yes!  On May 1, NMC is going live with the Meditech system for our employed provider practices.  This is an exciting transition for us, as it brings us from two different systems for inpatient care and outpatient care to one unified system.  This innovation reduces duplication, streamlines integration, enhances communication, and better facilitates the coordination of care. This is the result of significant work from the NMC team and Medical Staff and I deeply appreciate all the energy and creativity they have invested in making this new system a remarkable step forward for all of us. I also appreciate your patience with our staff as they work with a new system in these early days.

For our patients, the most visible benefit of this advancement is the creation of one unified online patient portal from which you can access important records and information from NMC’s system, regardless of whether you were cared for in the hospital or in one of our provider practices and specialty clinics. We appreciate the ‘early adopters’ who have previously accessed their health records with us online through our two different portals with two different log-ins. With the launch of the new system, we have now closed the Medent Portal, that had previously held the records from our provider practices.  I am sure you will each appreciate this improvement in our systems that now allows for a single log-in. If you have not previously used our Meditech portal, you will need to create a new portal account to access your health records online.  For assistance with this, please call NMC’s Health Information Management team at (802) 524-1060.  If you have already been using the Meditech Portal, your log-in will remain the same and no further action is required.

As a great step forward for convenience, the NMC patient portal can be accessed through a free (and highly secure) app – so you can have access to what you need right from your smart phone or tablet!  Appointments, test results, medications, health summary, visit history, allergies, and more are all now in the palm of your hand!  Simply go to the Apple App Store online or to Google Play (for the android version) and download Meditech’s Mhealth app. The app’s logo is a green heart with an M in a green circle. Once you have installed the app, you can navigate to NMC for the first time by clicking “My Recent Portals” and then “US States” and “Vermont” and then “Northwestern Medical Center.” In the enrollment process, naturally you will be prompted for appropriate information to ensure you are who you say you are.

We understand that this is new and we are here to help you with it. If you have any questions or need any help in finding the right links, creating your log-in, or navigating the portal or the app, please reach out to us. As I said, you are welcomed to call us at (802) 524-1060. You can also stop by and visit us for in person help. We have a Health Information representative at the front office of our Medical Office Building during normal weekday business hours who is happy to help you access your records online through the portal or the app.

Innovation is one of NMC’s core organizational values. Our team is committed to process improvement to ensure we are providing exceptional care for our community. I welcome you to join in using the new Meditech Portal and our Mhealth app. These are great tools to give you access to the information you need – your own information – to be an active partner in your own health!

— Jill Berry Bowen, RN, NMC’s Chief Executive Officer