Can I Still Join RiseVT?

Yes, absolutely!  RiseVT is not just an event or a fad and it is not going away!  RiseVT is a movement in our community that continues to gain momentum as more and more of us explore embracing healthier lifestyles.  It is amazing that RiseVT has connected with more than 12,600 individuals; 46 businesses; 15 schools; 9 communities; and 4 childcare centers!  Getting involved is simple – just stop by anytime you see RiseVT at a community event, connect with RiseVT on social media (a quick search will connect you on Facebook, Pinterest, etc); call the RiseVT office at 524-8825; or visit the website at www. RiseVT.com

On the website, you will be invited to join us in a simple pledge: “to become a Rise Vermonter and learn about simple lifestyle changes I can make that I know will give me lasting benefits to my health and well-being.”  No pressure, no obligation, no stress.  It is just a chance to say to yourself and our RiseVT friends that you are thinking about improving your health.  In today’s busy world, it is a powerful step to actually pause and think about investing a little bit of your time and attention into feeling better, having more energy, enjoying life, and maybe even reducing your out-of-pocket healthcare costs in the long term by preventing illness. 

Once you are on the RiseVT website, explore!  Scroll through and see what it has to offer!  One of the next things you can do on your path as a Rise Vermonter is to complete a scorecard.  Don’t worry, it is all positive.  We all have things to improve on, and RiseVT is here to help us in that, not to scold anyone.  The scorecard helps you check on where you are at with a wide variety of healthy habits.  You will be able to celebrate what is working well for you and identify things that might help you be even healthier.  It will give you a score at the end so when you check back in the future, you will be able to measure the improvement you have made!  No grades or judgements – just a measure of progress.

You will find many other interesting features on the RiseVT website.  There is a calendar of fun and healthy events which has the exciting potential to grow into a central collection of wonderful things happening in our community that encourage us all to take some time on a regular basis to enjoy becoming a bit healthier.  On the calendar, you will find links to the RiseVT ‘show up’ events.  At thee, you can just ‘show up’ and join in on some fun fitness in an informal setting, with the activities designed to be appropriate for all abilities. They are a great way to begin trying physical activity and, for those already active, a great way to share your energy with others.  You will also find listings for other activities and upcoming events that will appeal to various age ranges or ability levels – from children’s play groups, to Yoga in the Park in Enosburg, to monthly bird walks, to the Franklin Country Regional Chamber of Commerce’s upcoming Raid Half Marathon!  There is something for everyone and the use of this resource is expanding!

You will find the RiseVT blog which is a great source of news about upcoming offerings.  It is also a great way to see highlights from previous RiseVT offerings so you can see the welcoming, fun-focused tone of this approach to embracing healthy lifestyles.  Plus, you can ‘meet’ the RiseVT team and learn a little bit more about Dorey, Stacy, Brian, Renee, Betsy, Jessica, Moretti, and Mary – so when you do connect with RiseVT, there will already be a familiar face in the mix!

RiseVT is a community collaborative to embrace healthier lifestyles, improve the quality of life and lower healthcare costs where we live, work, play, and learn.  It is all about celebrating progress and having fun along the way.  Please join us in this movement – visit RiseVT.com today.  And if you do not have internet access, call Dorey at 524-8825 and she will help you connect with all the benefits of being a Rise Vermonter!

— Jill Berry Bowen, NMC’s Chief Executive Officer