NMC Commentary

Is There an Avenue for Public Comment at NMC?

Yes! And we have added something new.  NMC’s long history as a community hospital dates back to 1883 and is rich with community involvement and interaction.  Our dedicated, hard-working Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from our community – elected by another dedicated group from our community, the NMC Incorporators.  Both groups serve as strong connectors between our community and its hospital, bringing input, questions, and suggestions into organizational discussions to supplement NMC’s formal efforts to engage the public through direct conversations, public forums, special presentations, patient satisfaction surveys, social media, strategic planning outreach, etc. Even though NMC is officially a private, not-for-profit organization, we have long practiced open communication and public comment. In an effort to provide an even stronger connection, the NMC Board is now offering an additional avenue: public comment sessions at the start of some of the NMC Board meetings throughout the year.

Through a newly approved policy, the NMC Board will periodically – approximately quarterly – hold a public comment session at the start of their regular Board meetings. The date and time of these sessions will be published in advance on the Board of Directors page on the NMC website (in the ‘About Us – Governance’ section) at: https://www.northwesternmedicalcenter.org/about-nmc/governance/board-of-directors/ The first session will be held in NMC’s Courtyard Café from 5:30 pm to 5:45 pm on Wednesday, June 7th.  Community members present will be invited to make brief comments or provide information to the Board.  As has been our practice for years, anyone who wishes to express a concern or recommendation or comment on a specific topic is welcomed and encouraged to contact me – or our Board Chair – directly.  I can be reached at 524-1054 or via email at [email protected]. These public sessions are not meant to replace that effective direct communication which has helped keep NMC deeply rooted in our community, their addition is simply to add one more venue of possibility.

NMC is fortunate to be served by an active, engaged Board of local leaders deeply invested in ensuring exceptional care in our community and creating a healthier future for all. The NMC Board of Directors includes: President Kevin Manahan of St. Albans, a CPA with A.M. Peisch & Company; Vice President Leon Berthiaume, of Swanton, CEO of the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery; Treasurer Dawn Bugbee, of South Hero, a Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer of Green Mountain Power; Secretary Janet McCarthy of Georgia, Executive Director of the Franklin County Home Health Agency; President of the Medical Staff Michael Kennedy, MD, of St. Albans, a surgeon with Northwest Medical Surgical Associates; Lorne Babb, MD, of Enosburg, a Primary Care physician with Cold Hollow Family Practice; John Casavant, of St. Albans, a Risk Management and Insurance professional with NFP; Nick Hadden, Esq., of Fairfax, a private practice attorney; Jake Holzscheiter, of Westford, CEO and President of A.N. Deringer;  Paula Kane, Esq, of St. Albans, a private practice attorney; Bill O’Connor, Jr, of Swanton, the retired CEO Food Science Corporation; and Marietta Scholten, MD, of St. Albans, a practicing family medicine physician, the Medical Director for the Vermont Chronic Care Initiative and the Medical Director of the Franklin County Hospice Program.  Many of you will be familiar with these local leaders and already interact with one or more them in the community.