Are Physicians and APPs Vital Partners in Health?

Yes!  Our community and our hospital are very fortunate to have such a strong array of physicians and advance practice providers (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, certified registered nurse anesthetists, etc.) caring for us and working with us to improve our overall health.  On March 30, the NMC team paused to celebrate National Doctors and Advanced Practice Provider Day to show our appreciation for all our Medical Staff partners.  It was our pleasure to go out to their offices and thank them and their staff for caring for our community, taking leading roles in efforts to improve quality and efficiency, and working with the hospital on healthcare reform initiatives.  Having their clinical expertise embedded in all that we do is vital and we sincerely appreciate their time, effort, and caring.

Would you have guessed that NMC’s Medical Staff roster carries 213 providers who have privileges at our community hospital?  Or that our local Active/Associate staff physicians and advanced practice providers span more than 24 different medical specialties?  While the list is lengthy, it is worth sharing to raise awareness of these important resources.  Their specialties include: Addiction Care; Anesthesiology; Cardiology; Dentistry; Dermatology; Emergency Medicine; Family Practice; General Surgery; Hospitalist Medicine; Internal Medicine; Interventional Pain; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Occupational Medicine; Oncology; Pathology; Pediatrics; Podiatry; Psychiatry; Pulmonology; Radiology; Urgent Care; and Urology! In addition to these local resources, we are fortunate to have strong working relationships with specialists elsewhere in Vermont (such as at the University of Vermont Medical Center) and outside Vermont (through impressive tele-radiology technology).  This collaborative approach enables patients to access the care they need from a trusted provider.  For help connecting with any of our providers, please call Janet in NMC’s Community Relations Office at 524-1280.

I know I speak for the entire NMC team when I thank our physicians and advance practice providers for all they do.  They are exceptional individuals providing exceptional care. In order to care for our community, they have acquired remarkable skills and knowledge through extensive schooling and ongoing medical education.  Medical care is not easy work by any means.  Diagnosis is a challenging task, hours are long, and sometimes, even the best of us may not be the most cooperative of patients.  Medical needs do not follow a schedule, so many of these providers are “on call” and may be pulled away from their families at odd hours to care for one of us.  Still, I know they find their callings to be deeply rewarding.  Their passion for our health is always clear in every interaction I see and in every conversation I hear.

Physicians and advanced practice providers are also important partners in decision making beyond the bedside or exam room.  Three physicians currently serve on NMC’s Board of Directors: Dr. Michael Kennedy (Medical Staff President; Dr. Marietta Scholten; and Dr. Lorne Babb.  Dr. Kennedy leads the Medical Executive Committee of the Medical Staff, whose members include: Dr. Thomas Harrison; Dr. Donny Khela; Dr. Aaron Brillhart; Dr. Julian Ferris; Dr. Toby Sadkin; Dr. Stacy Strouse; Dr. Mary Woodhouse; Dr. John Minadeo; and Dr. Lowrey Sullivan (NMC’s Chief Medical Officer, who also serves on NMC’s Leadership Team).  In addition, many of our providers have taken on leadership roles as medical directors of programs or services; in important committees and quality initiatives; and in efforts extending to the state level around healthcare reform and the future of Vermont’s healthcare system.  All have our gratitude for taking on these additional responsibilities and challenges to help ensure our hospital and Vermont’s healthcare system is the best it can be for all involved.

Exceptional team members are the key to exceptional care. Our physicians and advance practice providers are vital partners in the efforts that have earned NMC seven national Avatar awards for overall patient satisfaction.  We are so fortunate to have these caring experts active at our hospital and in our community.  Please join me in expressing our deepest thanks to them for all they do!

— Jill Berry Bowen, NMC’s Chief Executive Officer