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Howard Center to expand its substance use and recovery services with a new spoke in Franklin and Grand Isle counties

Below is a press release issued by the Howard Center ….

Howard Center will expand its substance use and recovery services in northwestern Vermont by offering a new medication-assisted treatment (MAT) Spoke serving Franklin and Grand Isle counties at 172 Fairfield Street in St. Albans. Partners in Hope and Recovery at Northwestern Medical Center (NMC), a long-time partner and provider, is transitioning from offering medication assisted-treatment in the county.

Jonathan Billings, Vice President of Community Relations at Northwestern Medical Center says, “we have worked closely in partnership with Howard Center for many years, and we are confident in their ability to provide exceptional care and treatment for the community. Both of our organizations are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for patients.”

Howard Center will provide individual and group therapy, care coordination, nursing and prescription of suboxone/subutex, and continue to partner with NMC to use their laboratory services. The new Spoke will offer a range of options to best meet client needs with telehealth and in-person service options and flexible scheduling. NMC and Howard Center will work together to ensure a smooth transition and Howard Center has established a dedicated line to answer questions and help to coordinate the transition. Anyone seeking substance use and recovery services can speak with a member of their team directly by calling (802) 488-6290.

Howard Center has a long and proven history of advocating for and providing substance use and recovery services, in communities across the state and has been providing co-occurring substance use treatment in its Franklin and Grand Isle office since 1990. Its team will provide trauma-informed, evidenced-based support to individuals who want to address their substance use and/or recovery as part of a broad range of treatment offerings, including.

• Individual, group and couples/family counseling
• Comprehensive assessment and treatment recommendations
• Intensive Outpatient Program
• The Public Inebriate Program, which is a collaborative crisis program operated with local law enforcement and NMC ED.

Howard Center’s Chief Client Services Officer Catherine Simonson says, “Howard Center opened the state’s first medication-assisted treatment clinic in 2002 and since that time has remained committed to ensuring that Vermonters have access to treatment when they need it. We look forward to expanding our services and serving the communities in northwestern Vermont.”

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