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Lifestyle Medicine & Cancer Services

Welcome To Lifestyle Medicine & Cancer Services

Lifestyle Medicine is focused on prevention, early detection, and self-management of chronic conditions to help you live a healthier life.   We offer a variety of programs and services to help you live a healthier life -- from public educational seminars, to group sessions, to individual appointments, and more.  If you're healthy, prevention is your best medicine.  Early detection of conditions is key to their treatment and your return to health.  Life with a chronic disease should be about living, not about the disease. We can help you more fully understand your condition and help you take charge of it. Through one-on-one sessions, group education, and structured exercises options, we'll help you make great strides in improving your health.

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Lifestyle Medicine Services

  • Diabetes Education (one-on-one, group, support group)
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (one-on-one, group)
  • Cardiac Rehab (Phase II & III)
  • Congestive Heart Failure Case Management
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Oncology Case Management

Cancer Services

Working as a partner with our Lifestyle Medicine efforts, NMC's Community Cancer Program offers a wide range of services to patients dealing with cancer.  Our program has been fully accredited by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons since 1992.  Our cancer related services include detection (with digital mamography available in St. Albans and in Georgia), diagnosis, medical treatment surgical intervention, rehabilitation, specialized case management, and access to support groups. We strive to meet the comprehensive needs of our patients through a collaborative approach.  We are fortunate to have an office of the Vermont Center for Cancer Medicine here on our campus.  For patients who need Radiation Oncology as part of their treatment, we collaborate closely with Fletcher Allen Health Care's Radiation Oncology division and those services are provided at their site as an integrated approach to the patient's overall care. 

Led by the Cancer Committee, our program goals include a focus on the diagnosis, treatment and follow up of patients with all cancer types, on an outpatient basis, in which we use a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.  We have an active Tumor Board and we participate in the state wide Vermont Cancer Registry.  Our Cancer Committee includes clinical and non- clinical members from NMC, Fletcher Allen Health Care, The American Cancer Society, Vermonters Taking Action Against Cancer (VTAAC) and the Vermont Department of Health. 

Cancer Quality Data

NMC participates in the National Cancer Data Base and accesses comparison reports and other tools to compare our quality of care and improve performance based on nationally recognized quality measures.

 There are three select breast cancer care measures:

  • Radiation therapy is administered with 1 year of diagnostics
  • Combination chemotherapy is considered or administered within 4 months (120 days) of diagnosis for women under 70 for T1c, No, Mo; Stage II; Stage III breast cancers .
  • Tamoxiphen or third generation aromatase inhibitor is considered or administered within 1 year of diagnosis for women with T1c, No, Mo; Stage II; Stage III  and/or PRA positive breast cancer.

There are two select colon cancer care measures:

  • Adjuvant chemotherapy is considered or administered within 4 months (120 days) of diagnosis for patients under 80 with Stage III colon cancer
  • At least 12 regional lymph nodes are removed and pathologically examined for resected colon cancer.

We are very pleased that the most current data they have released (2010) shows that NMC at 100% for these quality indicators.  This link will show you to the Cancer Program Practice Profile Reports for NMC for Breast and Colon cancer diagnosed from 2004-2010.

For more information about our Cancer Program or services, please call 524-1280.

Financial Information

We are dedicated to helping our patients navigate the financial aspects of healthcare. Please click on this link for more information about billing, financial assistance, and contact information for staff who will help answer your questions.