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How Much Will My Care Cost?

How Much Will My Care Cost?

As insurance coverages and government regulations change, our patients are asking what their care will cost – in advance – on a more frequent basis. The answer is not always simple, as it can be difficult to predict exactly what procedure may be performed, exactly which medications will be used, and how a patient’s other conditions may affect the treatment and healing processes.

Therefore, we work with the individual patient to understand their care needs and provide them with an estimate of what their care will cost. We can also work with an individual patient to help them better understand their insurance coverage and the deductibles, co-pays, and balances for which they may be responsible under their plan.

To ensure patients receive the best possible information in the most efficient manner, contact our financial counselor at 802-524-1006.

NMC recognizes that health care billing can be complex. We work closely with our patients to help them navigate the various systems involved. We even offer financial assistance for those in need.

How do NMC’s charges compare statewide?

The Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities, & Health Care Administration maintains a comparison of hospital charges on each hospital’s 15 most common admissions, the 15 most common outpatient surgical procedures, and 30 of the most common diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. As you look at the current data, you will find that NMC compares favorably with the other Vermont hospitals, ranking below the State average in what we charge for 50 of the 60 procedures.

To see how NMC's prices compare to other hospital's in the State, follow this link to the The Vermont Department of Financial Regulation website.

How is NMC involved in containing the cost of health care?

We understand that health care is expensive, so we work hard to keep our costs as low as possible. The technology, staff, and supplies it takes to run a hospital 24-hours a day, 7-days a week are expensive. We face the same increases in utilities, pharmaceuticals, and insurances as families and companies in our community do. It is a never ending effort here at NMC to ensure we can care for our community properly without spending too much.

Even with our emphasis on keeping costs low, we can’t charge simply what it costs to provide the care, because Medicare and Medicaid don’t pay hospitals fully for the care provided to their patients. We are forced to shift that unpaid cost to other patients, which drives up charges for everyone. The Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems is working with the Legislature, employers, insurers, and other groups to improve the system, but for now, the cost shift inflates our charges.