Hospital viewbook

To help our community understand new, improved, and sustained resources at the hospital and amongst our medical staff, we publish and distribute a yearly services brochure. If you did not receive one, or have misplaced your copy, you can download a pdf version of the brochure here or you can request a new one from Erin at (802) 524-1280. There are always a lot of new and exciting resources available to you!  

Viewbook 2016


Focused on your health…

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Viewbook 2015


“We can get the best right here.”

– Peter DesLauriers


Peter DesLauriers spent a decade in pain from a knee injury he suffered in college. This injury, among a few others, led him to Dr. Robert Beattie, a surgeon with Northwestern Orthopaedics. Over the years, DesLauriers established a strong relationship with Dr. Beattie, who always took a patient-first approach. “His friendly professionalism instills confidence,” DesLauriers says, to the point where he felt he wasn’t just seeing a doctor, but getting care from a trusted friend.

Viewbook 2014


What’s inside our viewbook:

A sampling of our services and practices, as well as unique aspects of Northwestern Medical Center that make it a truly special organization.  As always, for more information, please call our Community Relations staff at (802) 524-1280.

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