Since 1883, we’ve been a part of this community, both as the leading healthcare provider in the region and as a significant contributor to the community. And, our commitment to our community will continue to grow. Most recently, in our continuing effort to focus on prevention as a means of further improving health and reducing healthcare costs, and through the Community Committee on Healthy Lifestyles, we’ve secured NMC and grant funding to create RISE VT, an innovative initiative to engage our entire community in prevention efforts. It is programs like these that will not only keep future generations educated on lifestyle choices but will also lower hospital visits and reduce costs. Browse the full Exceptional Campaign brochure and explore the NMC construction page for more information. 

A message from our CEO

As we look to the future, we are compelled to address the following changes in healthcare and our community:
  1. Healthcare has changed dramatically in the past several years, as reform inspires new and better ways to deliver care.
  2. Our community’s demographics reflect an aging population whose healthcare needs have also changed.
  3. The transition from inpatient to outpatient care continues and promises to accelerate even more quickly in today’s environment of improvement and reform.
Because we are determined to be a leading catalyst for the future of healthcare in our region, we must adapt our aging infrastructure to address these changes and equip us for a new era. Simply, we must offer greater access to care in more efficient, flexible and contemporary facilities. To do this, we have established a 32 million dollar master facility plan that addresses a wide breadth of necessary services, all with the goal of making the delivery of our services even more patient-focused, sustainable and utterly distinctive.

Jill Berry Bowen

RN, Chief Executive Officer

Exceptional campaign video


Peoples Trust Company

“Northwestern Medical Center has been an integral part of the community for years and their current expansion project will only further complement and expand on the exemplary service they provide for Northern Vermont.  Peoples Trust Company is proud to support this project, and the hospital, as we truly believe in the positive impact they have on the Community in which we serve.”

– Thomas J. Gallagher, President/CEO 

Community member

“Barbara and I have had nothing but positive, professional, respectful and rewarding experiences at NMC.  To ensure that this most exceptional Hospital keeps up with the latest technologies and is available to help us through tough medical issues, Barbara and I have committed a significant gift to the NMC Exceptional Campaign. We cannot think of a more worthwhile cause than to help ensure a Healthy future for all of us.”

– Barbara and Warren Hamm

(Warren served 41 years in the US Navy)

NMC family member

It is a privilege and a responsibility to serve on the NMC board directors to support the effort to always provide exceptional healthcare and strive to meet the needs of our community. We must embrace that how we deliver healthcare and how we are reimbursed is changing and we need to ensure that we can maintain one of the most important assets of our community for future generations.  That is one of the many reasons I am willing to assist with the capital campaign in addition to my family being well served by our NMC team.

– Leon Berthiaume, Vice President of the NMC Board of Directors, Exceptional Capital Campaign Chair

Vermont Precision Tools, Inc.

“Vermont Precision Tools, Inc. is a proud supporter of NMC initiatives, past, present and future.  NMC leads the efforts to address the health and wellness efforts within our community helping to strengthen our youth, adults and especially the most vulnerable population within our area. The positive influence, education and advanced medical technology NMC provides is essential to maintain a healthy region where families can thrive, businesses want to locate, and our future generations choose to live and work.” 

– Monica A. Greene, CEO

NMC family member

“Northwestern Medical Center has been an important part of my family’s life.  Two of our three children were born at NMC and my husband and I were supported immensely by the obstetric providers, pediatricians and nursing team. I have been working for NMC since 2004 and am proud to be part of the NMC family. The entire NMC team strives to give personalized, exceptional care to all who walk through the doors. NMC has given me the opportunity to expand my nursing career to achieve my aspirations so this capital campaign was a lovely way for way to give back and pay it forward at the same time.”  

– Stephania Fregeau, BSN, RN

Community member

We are proud to do our part by donating to the NMC Capital Campaign to help our community hospital maintain the high standards in health care that NMC exemplifies.  A modern, state of the art medical facility is a huge asset for any community and Franklin County is fortunate to have such a facility.  We strongly support the physical upgrades to the facility and believe they are necessary for the health, growth and prosperity of the County.

– Peter and Pam Cross

Frequent questions

Has approval from the State been granted for this project? The Green Mountain Care Board has provided required approval for our two Certificates of Need. We continue to move through Vermont’s permitting process and hope to have completed that effort in early May.  

When is construction going to begin and end? We are on track for construction to start in the Spring of 2016 and expect to be completed by the end of 2017 or early 2018.  

Will the project be phased and if so what area will be impacted first? The first phase of the project will involve the construction and renovation relating to our conversion to all private inpatient rooms. Once that is underway, we will begin work on centralized registration in the new lobby, the expanded medical specialty clinic space, and the new medical office building.  

Will this project increase costs? The master facility plan was designed with cost savings and flexibility in mind. Careful planning and saving for the last decade, favorable bond rates and philanthropy will all help to ensure that rates are not impacted by this project. NMC has a strong record of lower than average charges, has the lowest cumulative rate increase among all Vermont’s not-for-profit hospitals over the past 13 years, and implemented an 8% rate DECREASE in Fiscal Year 2016.  

Do I need to pay more for a private patient room? No, room charges are based on the care needs of the patient.  

Are the Board, Leadership, Staff, and Medical Staff supporting this project with their own philanthropy? Absolutely! Over $350,000 has been pledged to this capital campaign from our medical staff, employees, volunteers, management, senior leadership team and board of directors.  

Is UVM Medical Center taking over NMC? NMC has a strong collaborative relationship with UVM Medical Center. We belong to the same Accountable Care organizations and partner with UVM Medical Center on programs such as Cardiology and Urology. We have ongoing conversations with UVM Medical Center, other Vermont hospitals, and other area providers on how else we can work together more efficiently and effectively. However, we remain independent organizations.  

What Will Be In the Medical Office Building? This new attached Medical Office Building will bring primary care, urgent care, and orthopaedics into efficient new space at the front of our campus. Increased access to primary care and urgent care is key in lowering overall costs for patients and the State by reducing avoidable emergency room visits. These practices are also key to meeting the growing needs for care in our community given our aging demographic. The shelled second floor of the Medical Office building provides efficient, affordable expansion space to help meeting future needs in our community.  

Given NMC’s prudent planning and financial position why is a capital campaign necessary? NMC hopes to raise roughly 10% of the entire project cost through community investment. Early on, the Green Mountain Care Board applauded this approach and noted our early success as favorable to our application. This is a unique time for our community to demonstrate their support of local health care by contributing to the project, which frees up funding to support medical services which are not sustainable on their own as well as prevention efforts such as Rise VT, which can ultimately help to reduce overall healthcare costs through improved population health.  

Why are you reducing the number of impatient beds? NMC is technically licensed for 70 beds. To meet historic and current community need, we have had fewer than that in actual service. We have done a significant review of the need for inpatient beds for our Medical Surgical and Intensive Care patients both now and in the future. The efficiency of private rooms (removing questions of which patients can have which roommates) enables us to reduce bed counts slightly while actually having more predictable bed availability. This project will result in a combined Medical/Surgical and Intensive Care Unit of 34 beds, all in private rooms.  

How does this project benefit our patients and community? This project aligns NMC with the future of healthcare. It enhances our inpatient healing environment, improves access to outpatient services, and increases flexibility and efficiency in support of our efforts to remove avoidable costs from the system. Ultimately, this project allows exceptional care to continue to be delivered in our local community – preserving access to care, more than 850 jobs, and economic stability.  

Will parking be impacted? There will be changes in parking during construction. There will be some temporary reductions in parking space count, but those levels never get significantly below what we had prior to our recent parking expansion. A portion of employee parking will shift to a new parking lot near Northwestern Counseling & Support Services. Patient and visitor parking will shift temporarily to the Conference Center parking lot. We will also be encouraging and incentivizing our employees to find healthy alternatives to parking off campus to help preserve access for patients and visitors.