Covid-19 vaccination information


Getting vaccinated

Anyone age 12 and older is eligible to be vaccinated, regardless of their state residency. Learn more about vaccines for people 12-15 years old here on the Vermont Department of Health website.

Vaccinations are now available at walk-in clinics and pharmacies all around the state. At NMC you can get vaccinated at our Urgent Care clinic on our main campus at 133 Fairfield Street. Learn more about our Urgent Care services here. 

You can also find a list of other walk-in clinics and pharmacy locations on the Vermont Department of Health website. 


Do you have questions?

We often get questions from our patients and the public about the COVID-19 vaccine including things like, can I still spread the virus after I’ve been vaccinated? Or, is it possible to get COVID-19 even if I’ve been fully vaccinated. Others have questions about the safety of the vaccine. Rest assured, questions are to be expected and we are willing to help answer any you may have. Feel free to call our Community Relations Department at 524-1239 for help. 

Or, visit the Vermont Department of Health website which has an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section with helpful information. 


We’re open and safe.

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