NMC Gift Gallery Closes Until December

As NMC gets closer to the December re-opening of the renovated main entrance, the hospital’s gift shop will close to get ready for the transition to its new space.

During construction, the Gift Gallery has been operating in temporary space near the elevators at the front of NMC’s main building. When the renovated lobby and front entrance open during the first week in December, the Gift Gallery will also open for business in its new space at the center of the lobby.

The former gift shop sat on the right hand side of the old lobby, but the new shop will be housed in the center of the lobby space and be 363 square feet in size, much larger than the former space.

Construction of the final pieces of lobby renovation require the closure of the gift shop for just over a month as the shop moves from its current temporary location to the new spot. The new main entrance and lobby are progressing quickly to completion with interior work focused on flooring, painting and finishing touches. Outdoors, work continues on the large porte cochere, with brick being added to the pillars this week.

For more information about NMC’s construction, call NMC’s Community Relations office at 524-1239.