Construction Moving Indoors as Interior Work Gets Underway

Construction work on NMC’s campus has largely moved inside as both the expansion of the hospital’s inpatient unit and the Medical Clinics Building are nearly enclosed. The new main entrance is also progressing quickly with interior work this week to focus on ceramic tile flooring of the bathrooms as well as painting and other finish work.

The new main entrance will feature an open design with an information desk staffed by volunteers, a new larger gift shop, a valet station, and a convenient walk-through to the Surgical Services waiting area and to the elevators.

The Medical Clinics Building connects directly to the lobby, allowing easy access to the practices in that building including NMC’s Cardiology and Pulmonology services as well as Northwestern OB/GYN. The main entrance and lobby reopens to the public the first week in December, but the Clinics Building will not be ready for occupancy until April of 2017.

In December, the roadway to the main entrance will open, allowing Emergency traffic to flow past the front entrance once again. Parking lots at the front of campus, along Fairfield Street will also be opened at that time for patients and visitors.

For more information about NMC’s construction, call NMC’s Community Relations office at 524-1239.