Construction Begins at NMC

The initial phase of construction on Northwestern Medical Center’s master facility plan projects is underway.  Site work is in progress at the back of the main hospital building to move Crest Road away from NMC.  This will allow for an addition to the Medical/Surgical Unit that is necessary for the conversion to all private rooms for inpatients.  During this road work, access to Cobblestone Health Commons will be maintained, though there will be times when cars will travel through construction on a temporary path.   Similarly, cars exiting from the Emergency Department will still be able to move through the construction in progress.  On the east side of the NMC campus, just south of the Northwestern Counseling & Support Services building, work is underway on an additional employee parking lot.  That parking lot is expected to open in mid to late June. 

“We deeply appreciate our community’s support for and patience with our efforts to enhance the healing environment,” said Tyson Moulton, NMC’s Director of Facilities, who is overseeing the projects.  “We are working to maintain full access to services and minimize any disruption caused by construction.  We appreciate our visitors’ attention to our wayfinding and compliance with our construction barriers.” 

The hospital has established a special section of its website to provide information on the construction, including overviews of the projects, updated campus maps of the impacts of work in progress, timely announcements, and more.