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Community Needs Assessment

Formal Community Health Assessment

In alignment with Federal regulations, Northwestern Medical Center conducted a comprehensive community health assessment in 2012.  Through the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, this assessment identified 24 health related issues facing the Franklin and Grand Isle Counties community.  These issues were confirmed and prioritized by a 22 member multi-disciplinary community panel.  The document consists of a 19 page summary outlining the priorities as well as NMC’s plans to help address them within our community.  That summary is followed by the 120 page full report.

Download the 2012 Community Health Assessment Download

Collaborative Community Needs Assessment

NMC is part of the collaborative effort which produces “Bridges To Well-Being” the community needs assessment for Franklin and Grand Isle Counties.  Here is the 2009 version of the document.  It provides a broad overview of factors relating to demographics, immediate needs, health, education, and income.  Numerical data and narrative summaries are included.  The 2012 version is currently in the development phase.

Download the 2009 Community Needs Assesment Download.