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Will the proposed Ambulatory Surgical Center Reduce Healthcare Costs?

No, it will not. Skimming simple cases out of existing hospital surgery departments to bring revenue to a new for-profit stand-alone surgery will actually drive up costs overall. Vermont’s existing surgery departments still have to be available for the lower reimbursed cases, the complicated cases, and 24-7 emergencies. This crucial point is being glossed over as the investors in the read all »
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Will the Affordable Care Act Be Replaced?

It is still too early to tell exactly what will happen regarding healthcare legislation at the Federal Level, but there is certainly significant activity regarding an emerging proposal to read all »
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Are Co-Pays Due At Time of Service?

Yes, the “co-pay” for specific medical care or treatment that has been established within your health insurance plan is typically due at the time that care or treatment is provided. A read all »