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Is NMC’s Valet & Shuttle Service Free for Everyone?

Yes!  In addition to providing free parking for patients and visitors, NMC provides a wonderful valet and shuttle service which is free to everyone!  This service was established by the veterans of our community and we are deeply grateful to them, both for their service to our country and now for their service to their community through this remarkably helpful effort to ease access to read all »
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Has Local Access to Pediatrics Expanded?

Yes!  There have been a number of exciting expansions to access for Pediatrics care in northwestern Vermont recently and more to come soon!  New physicians have joined NMC’s medical read all »
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Is Meals on Wheels Going to Continue?

Yes, Meals On Wheels is going to continue.  It is a deeply valued and important support service within our community (and beyond) that Northwestern Medical Center has been involved with read all »