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Awards and Recognition

Awards & Recognition

NMC prides itself as being a choice destination for patients, providers, and employees. Our staff makes every effort to provide the exceptional care people have come to expect from us – to every patient, every day. This is what has drawn people here since 1978 and has resulted in multiple awards and recognition on local, regional, and national levels. We are honored to be highlighted not only for the boundless care we provide at the bedside, but for all our efforts that make that level of care possible. Listed below are why more patients are entrusting us with their care, more practitioners are now serving our community, and why more providers are eager to join our team. In the end, what matters most to us are our patients, not our awards. Hopefully these will give you a better idea of who we are – and in turn we hope to get to know you.

  • Avatar National Patient Satisfaction

For six consecutive years, NMC has been honored with this prestigious national award that recognizes our outstanding patient satisfaction scores year after year.  
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  • JCAHO National Quality Awards

2011: NMC was the only Vermont hospital to earn a "Top Performer" designation on Key Quality Measures in the Joint Commission's 2011 annual report. 

2012: For the second year in a row, NMC has earned the "Top Performer" designation on Key Quality Measures in the Joint Commission's 2012 annual report.  Only 244 hospitals nationally have received this award twice.

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  • Gov. Council on Physical Fitness State Awards

NMC's employee wellness program, Healthy Ü, was honored for the seventh consecutive year with the Gold Standard Award for Worksite Wellness.  
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  • NESHCo Lamplighter Awards

NMCs communications with our community have been honored multiple times by the New England Society of Healthcare Communicators.  
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  • Red Cross Life Share

In 2009, NMC was awarded a Platinum level award for its successful participation in the American Red Cross' Life Share program.  
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  • Individual Honors

Ted Sirotta, NMC's Chief Financial Officer, was recently named CFO of the Year by Quorum Health Resources (QHR).
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  • Leadership in Quality

Quorum Health Resources (QHR) honored NMC with its Excellence in Leadership award.  
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  • National Safety

NMC earned the National Safety Council's Occupational Excellence Achievement Award.  
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In addition, our vibrant community hospital has earned formal accreditation from national and state medical organizations. Consistently implementing the best practices, along with a dogged pursuit of excellence, are in our DNA – and have led to these achievements:

  • Joint Commission accreditation of the hospital (2011, 2012)
  • American College of Surgeons’ Accreditation of the NMC Cancer Program
  • American College of Radiologists‘ Accreditation of the Mammography Program
  • American College of Pathologists’ Accreditation of the NMC Laboratory