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What's Happening in Health Care?

Jill BowenHealthcare has always been an important topic -- it has come to the forefront of discussions as national and State healthcare reform efforts evolve, as new providers and services come to our community, and as we each work to be healthier.  We frequently hear questions about what is happening, how it impacts our community, and what it means to them.   To help keep our community updated and informed, NMC's CEO Jill Bowen has a weekly column in the St. Albans Messenger where she answers questions relating to a wide range of healthcare topics. 

We post Jill's columns here for online sharing, with the most recent piece at the top of the page.  Scroll down the page to see prior topics of interest.  If you see something you think others would benefit from reading, feel free to share the link via email, Facebook, etc.  If you have a question you would like to suggest for the column, please email ideas@nmcinc.org .