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How Do I Become a Volunteer?

At NMC in St. Albans, Vermont, we are fortunate to have over 100 active volunteers who share their time and talents with us to enhance the patient experience at our hospital. Our volunteers can be found throughout our organization providing a variety of functions, based on their individual skills and talents. Our volunteers are truly an important part of our hospital family - we hope you'll read more about volunteering at NMC, and will inquire about sharing your skills with us!

Anyone interested in becoming an NMC Volunteer should complete the on-line application, below. For more information, call Katherine Winchester, at (802) 524-1055 or send Katherine an email (kwinchester@nmcinc.org).

After an interview, volunteers accepted into the program will receive orientation and training for their assignment. Name-pins and uniforms will be issued, where applicable.

There are two ways to apply:

To Submit An Application By Mail:

Click on the link below to print the application. You may then fill out the application and either fax, mail, or drop it off to Katherine Winchester [Fax number: (802) 524-1088].

Printable Volunteer Application

To Submit An Application Online:

Click on the link below to fill out the application on-line and submit it through the Northwestern Medical Center's web site.

On-line Volunteer Application

To see a list of all volunteering opportunities click here.